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on pure bliss

Dezember 11, 2016

As I have said many times before, life can really wear you down. Some days you doubt how you messed up your karma so bad that you deserved what just happened. But then there are those moments that make you forget all of this. That make suffering worth it, that make you appreciate and be grateful for the tough hours because they taught you to savour those blissful encounters and keep them in your heart for when you need to remember them.

A customer wishing you a great day/weekend and seeing in their eyes they really mean it. A customer thanking you for the book recommendation, because it was so enjoyable to read and actually fit them perfectly. A call from a friend you just spoke to yesterday but since they trust in your opinion wanted to check in with you. Or just wanted to say hello again. A 6hour session of Christmas cookie baking with family that leaves you exhausted and with stomach ache. So many wonderful moments that remind you of how much people love you. And then there is this person that recommends you their favourite books because they really want to share the experience and are curious on your opinion. They value this so much they even let you borrow the copies and you sit in awe, two books in hand, clinging them close to your body and feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast as if you had just been offered a whole library.

I know my life at the moment is a roller-coaster of ups and downs and unexpected turns. Nothing is like I had painted it out in my glittering diaries about 20 years ago. But that is fine. There is so much that wasn’t part of my life design back then that I would have missed! So much that made me grow. So many people I never thought I would meet or be proud of. Life can be tough and full of doubts. But those overwhelming moments of joy linger so much longer! Life is pure bliss (if you stop making stubborn plans and just go with it from time to time)! 🙂