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On strong women

Dezember 18, 2015

After watching the new Star Wars Movie (No spoilers, don’t worry) my roommate confessed he didn’t like it I suspected the reason for that would have been the female lead character Rey. We have had countless debates over what women are capable off since he moved in and although I know most of the time he is mocking me, I can’t brush any of this off jokingly. Why? I have seen too many women struggle!

When in Ecuador and Indonesia I met numerous women committing their time, love and passion into both work and family without ever really being acknowledged to do twice the tasks as men. Without having as much decision-making power as men, although they contribute so much more to society. Brigham Young was quoted:

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

Because women care for and raise our children and they are our future. Often I get the argument: „But that is what you saw in the less developed countries!“ Well, yes. And no. I also observe it here, in Germany. The gap in payment for men and women is still not bridged and women in decision making positions are extremely rare. I know the women’s quota is a much debated thing and I can see the disadvantages, but I am still in favour!
There is a phenomenon I observed during sport. Particularly Floorball and Football. When I started playing Floorball I sure wasn’t what you would call a natural talent but I learned fast. Still, after one and a half years of playing I had to confront my fellow teammates (high percentage male) on why I wasn’t involved in the match as much. „But you are a girl, we ALWAYS pass the ball to you!“ But they didn’t. Passing it one time in their head equals always since they didn’t trust me with it. After that incident they paid more attention and actually realized that also we girls had some good moves and we were more involved. But even there we had to fight for it.

This is only a small example for the daily fights we face. Women tend to be categorized as the weaker sex but really there is no such thing. We all have different things we are passionate about and skilled in. There is as many women who can fix a car as men. As many who can program a software. There are as many men as women who can cook a delicious meal and take care of their children. With our world changing so rapidly there should not be one reason to work against each other but to unite our strength and knowledge to improve it.

So even mockingly trying to direct me to „my place“ in the kitchen will always get you a scolding look and furious answer! Maybe you can’t see the struggles here in the Western world, but if we can’t manage to straighten out the imbalance, how are we ever gonna tackle that issue in other places around the world? I dont want to overthrow religious believes and tribal traditions, I just want people to reconsider and start appreciating the individual contribution of men and women equally!

And this is why we need strong female leads in movies and books to act as role models! We need more women like Rey who show men (and women) that it is acceptable to cry from time to time. That also a girl can grow up to be a pilot and technical skilled engineer or whatever the hell she chooses to be.