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The uncertainty of our times

Mai 27, 2015

Reading „The Opposite of Loneliness“ by Marina Keegan left me with the worst bookish hangover I have had in a while. Why is that? Because the collection of her short stories and essays is extremely profound and catches the spirit of our times as I perceive it so appropriately. It takes time to digest this unprecedented insight into an author. Writing a book means pouring out your thoughts and soul for an enormous amount of people to read that you will never know, but who will assume they got to know you through your writing. I admire that kind of courage and therefore keep being blown away by literature. However, I struggle to describe Keegans style with other words than pure, real, understanding, stunning, grabbing. It took me a while to understand it and prepare myself to fully emerge into it, but it was so worth it.

The uncertainty of our times is a big issue for so many of our younger generation. We try to appreciate all the opportunities provided by our parents and grandparents, yet being overwhelmed by all the options leaving us indecisive.We want to save the world being fed up with the economic restraints coming with our oh so ideological goals. And in the eyes of the older generations we can see confusion, a mild reminiscence of their own younger aims and the expectations towards us to grow up soon and find our place in society. And who says that we are not trying to do exactly that? Find our place. It just feels so much harder to choose what we want to do for our whole life. And who says our plans weren’t entirely different from what our parents expect? Who says I didn’t desire a stable job in the beginning of my 20’s that would allow me to have my first child by 24. Who says I didn’t dream of this rather boring life without adventures happening hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away? Who says that would not have made me happy? Yet, I get scolding looks and comments who only deepen my insecurity and doubts about choices I have made, about plans I abandoned, about the person I have become.

What I have lived through, who I have learned from, what I have chosen to accomplish made me the person I am today. Whether you like it or not, whether I like it or not, the goals I have are still my goals and I need to at least try to fulfill them. Not having tried seems to be the most devastating failure anyway. We all have to deal with the times and their uncertainties and surprises and I know it is challenging for everyone.

And in the end, what does it say about our world, that we all want to change it so badly? The question is whether it is humans inability to ever be at peace and satisfied with any status quo or if our world truly needs and deserves a makeover. I am looking forward to be part of and witness to the upcoming developments and will keep hoping and working for change to happen, goals to be achieved and, foremost, our dreams to come true.