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Why I love football

Juli 13, 2014

It is World Cup Final Day and the world goes crazy, I think it is only appropriate to add a short comment from my side.
I love football. Especially during international competitions I like that it finally makes Germany show their flag and show a little bit of pride.
I love it because it creates identity and makes us feel like belonging to a group.
I love it, because a goal makes random people hug each other though they have never met before.
I love it, because the suspense before penalties tears a hole into my stomach.
I love it, because everyone just sings those songs that are so easy to learn.

I know it is ridiculous how much they get paid and I know there is a huge gap between countries and women’s soccer is still not appreciated as much as it should be…

However, I love football, because for 90 minutes I can just forget the world around me. Leave stress and sorrows behind to cheer and have a beer and enjoy the time with friends and fellow supporters!