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„It’ll all work out“

Juni 6, 2014

Tom Petty’s song deals with a broken relationship that he tries to overcome telling himself „It’ll all work out eventually“. I think this relates to all levels of life.
We all struggle. It does not matter whether we have troubles in our professional or private life, whether we are responsible for things that go wrong or we can blame it on others. Life goes wrong for all of us, all the time. Though I wish that my family and friends were better off with life than me, I am somewhat relieved, that I am not alone with the stones that keep rolling onto the road that seemed so perfectly paved in my mind.
It’ll all work out, anyway. Maybe not the way we envisioned, but how desirable is that, really?

I appreciate the hours that I spend under my desk, seeking the comfort of a dark, clearly confined and easily controlled space that belongs to me alone. It makes me consciously think through the situation before me and the steps that have to be taken to overcome it, being aware, that the actual results probably won’t even be close to this plan.
But do we really wish to always end up where we wanted? Isn’t that plain boring? Wouldn’t we miss the surprises life so generously gifts?

I know everyone is striving for some goals. But what happens if we really reach those goals, especially when we don’t have to put up a fight to actually get there? Wouldn’t it feel undeserved and stale?

It’ll all work out, eventually.

I know struggling and fighting is hard, but the things hardest to achieve are the sweetest ones. So even if you have to cry or admit your weakness at some point, keep up the fight!
It’ll all work out! It always does in one way or another. Don’t judge too soon, who knows, it’ll most probably be worth it!