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„Just be yourself…

Mai 20, 2014

…and you’ll be fine!“

It’s just one more of these seemingly harmless lines. If it only was that easy to be yourself. Who is yourself anyway? How to be yourself if you feel that you have developed multiple personalities that correspond to the respective environment you are in?

Since I have moved to a new city I have realized how I have developed slightly different personality features. Well, they say that a new start is an opportunity to introduce an new side that you always wanted to experiment with, but what if that get’s out of hand and you loose control. Then you might be stuck with what you never wanted… (but when do we ever get what we want anyway)

But it is these changes that keep us going. Wouldn’t it be plain boring to always stay the same and have it all planned out? Maybe the different ways of behaviour around different people is myself an I just have to accept this. I have to realize that I created myself around others and their expectations, only then will I be able to challenge this state. Another important discovery that I made this weekend is, that I’ll need help from the others. I need them to be open to a new me, to realize that I develop and become someone different. I guess this reflection is a first step to be myself with a little more confidence 🙂