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April 18, 2014

Curse or Chance?
Our life is filled with expectations. Each day that we start brings a dozen of them we have to face.

Essentially, I would believe there are two types of expectations. That ones that you have onto something else or others and those that others have towards you. The second type being the harder one, given you are aware of them. Your own expectations are a mere matter of management. You have to make sure to expect only little. Then you’ll be surprised. Positively. And in case this doesn’t work you are at least able to somehow find an explanation for the disappointment, since you are mainly responsible for it yourself. This is why I value traveling on my own so much. I don’t have to respond to anyone else’s expectations! I can do whatever I want. I didn’t manage to see all that I expected on one day? Well, I know I took my time to stroll around randomly to see even grater and maybe even more pure things. Like sitting in a park watching the people walking by, trying to guess how their lives are shaped by expectations, dreams and, finally, reality.

Expectations directed towards you are mainly so hard to live up to, because most of the time you are not in control and no-one talks about them specifically, so that your mind easily wonders of in circles around the possible shortcomings of your actions. These expectations may hit you on all levels of life. Family, friends or work… „Don’t worry about what the others say“, is such a well-intended, innocent line used to clam you down, though whoever uses it is quite aware of its inefficiency. We define ourselves in categories which are based very much on otherness as opposed to our self-image. We need boundaries and mirrors to realize our position within the complicated system of society. Which inevitably means to confront the expectations towards oneself.
The problem is, that we don’t have full control over our lives. Some of those expectations we don’t even have a chance to fulfill and others we probably shouldn’t even attempt for whatever reasons. As cheasy as the above mentioned phrase sounds, as true it is. We should so much more worry about our own expectations and live up to them, cause we are the ones that have to be satisfied with the way we spent our time in the end.

But still, how do you stop thinking about that eerie mountain of expectations piling up before you without a plan or tools to climb it and master it or tear it town. Or is there a way to construct a tunnel through it?