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No appropriate title for this cheesy post

September 23, 2013

It is way past midnight but my sobbing heart won’t let me sleep. The last few weeks have been pretty challenging for me. Moving to a new city for my Masters Program involves so much organizing, tasks to take on that were new to me, decisions to make which I am not good at and also saying goodbye.

It is truly not the first time I have to say goodbye, or as I prefer, say: „See you again soon.“ But it doesn’t get easier at all. There are these moments that you find yourself blinking away tears in a random night bus, because you realize just how much you are going to miss these awesome people that accompanied you through the last years. All my life I have been blessed with friends that I can’t be grateful enough for. There are those that made my time in school the greatest. Those that came to hear people read their random stories in the sketchiest places nearly every evening. There are those I met in Ecuador, the family that took care of me as if I was their own daughter and sister, my hermanas from the States and Germany I got to do so many adventures with, just hang out at the beaches with candy apples or jumping off bridges. There are those that made my life in Bremen just perfect. Friends that let me crash their couch when my newly painted, empty room gives me a headache. Those that ask me to join the football game, cause they got a spare ticket. Those that would not mock me, because I played the e rather than the es. And those that would 🙂 Those who give me never dreamed of opportunities which let me grow an enormous amount. Those that won’t stop recommending books or writing letters. Those who pass the little white plastic ball and let me score the goal. Or those that give me bruises all over because it is my turn to be goalie. Those who feed me tuna at 4am to prevent the worst of hangovers. Those who just shut up and dance. Those who say: I love you despite your haircut. Those that ask: When are you moving, I will help. Those on Bali that made my internship so easy and full of learning. Those who take you to their very own village and share their culture and friendship. Those that drive 6 hours in total just to have you see the most amazing angklung concert. Those that are busy but still take 3 hours each week to teach you bahasa indonesia. Those that fear their English is aweful (which it isn’t) and still have the courage to be interviewed and talk about the challenges for women in their society. Those who will always proof read and which say thanks for proofreading their papers in exchange. Those who share their stories. Those who believe in you and push you through hard times. Those who make surprise farewell gifts and offer to always have a place to sleep when you decide to visit. And so many more.
The amount of friends on facebook has become a factor of how popular someone is over the last few years. We present versions of ourselves that we would like to be. Sometimes it is a desperate attempt to get some conformation and to reassure yourself that your friends are taking part in your life. I understand that people criticize social networks for making personal meetings somewhat redundant, however I value it for that possibility. It lets me keep the contact to people I don’t dedicate enough time to to write personal emails. I can react on single posts that I feel are important and I love to follow the development of people from overseas. Some people might not realize how important they were for me and rather put me into the drawer of random acquaintances, (those I met in hostels, on 14h layovers on airports, in a club or in that one class we shared years ago) but they will always be part of my personal story.

So, Thank you. Thanks for being part of this journey that is going to take an exciting new turn when I move to Cottbus next week to start my World Heritage Studies. Someone important just recently said: “It’s so great when good people achieve their goals.” All of you are such kind, generous people and I hope you are on your way towards that goals or at least on the way to figuring out what these actually are (just as me).